Transit Insurance Solution
For Cash, Gold & Valuables

The challenge

Insuring Transit of Cash, Gold and Valuables is inherently high due to the risks involved.

Risk of robbery is high
and likely

High security costs are required to keep the risks low

No transparency for Insurers

The Solution

The InsurTech solution is created by integrating on-demand insurance, high security bags and smart mobile technology.

Any Valuables transported using the Hi-Tech Security bags are insured instantly without the need for any paperwork.

Our Risk Management and Artificial Intelligence reduces the need for additional Manpower and Armed Guards during Transit.

Our Smart mobile application makes it possible to assign, operate, monitor and complete trips.

Benefits of Jaguar Transit

This InsurTech solution can reduce the operational and risk costs for the entire industry transporting Cash, Gold and Valuables.

Reduces operations cost by 40%

Reduces time and administrative effort

Reduces the need for armed guards and armored vehicles

Reduces upfront insurance costs with pay-per-use

Our Partners
Our Endorsement

We are certified as a Singapore InsurTech provider by the Singapore Fintech Association.